Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - Episodes in an Obscure Life, by Richard Rowe, 1871


Strahan & Co., Publishers
56, Ludgate Hill, London

I - Introductory
II - 'Little Creases'
III - My First Deathbed
IV - Mr Jones
V - Rus in Urbe
VI - Rest for the Heavy Laden
VII - Sunday Morning at the Refuge
VIII - The Twin Crossing-Sweepers
IX - A Scholar and a Gentleman
X - A Bird-Catcher's Autobiography
XI - Life Through Death
XII - Bessie's Parish
XIII - Crowded Out
XIV - The Buckinghamshire Girl
XV - The Father of the Stairs
XVI - Mr White and his Granddaughter
XVII - A Blind Couple and Their Young Friends
XVIII - Hugging Rags
XIX - Banjo and his Sister
XX - 'March Hare'
XXI - Alone in London
XXII - Mr Jones's Friend
XXIII - Mr Jones's Customer
XXIV - A Black Missionary to the Blacks
XXV - Imaginative Matthey
XXVI - Dan the Dredger
XXVII - A Brood of Mudlarks
XXVIII - More about the Orphan Flower-Sellers
XXIX - My Greengrocers
XXX - The Pasternosters
XXXI - 'The Square Dollywoman'
XXXII - 'Ole Pippin'
XXXIII - A Dock-Labourer's History
XXXIV - 'Ketch 'em Alive, Oh!'
XXXV - Bessie Married