[The editor would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Dick Collins, for his encouragement and dedicated proof-reading, without which this online edition of The Mysteries in London would probably have remained a work in progress. ]

Foreword by Lee Jackson

Brief Introduction by Dick Collins


Title Page

Chapter I - The House in Smithfield

Chapter II - The Mysteries of the Old House

Chapter III - The Trap-Door

Chapter IV - The Two Trees

Chapter V - Eligible Acquaintances

Chapter VI - Mrs. Arlington

Chapter VII - The Boudoir

Chapter VIII - The Conversation

Chapter IX - A City Man.  Smithfield Scenes.

Chapter X - The Frail One's Narrative

Chapter XI - "The Servants' Arms"

Chapter XII - Bank Notes

Chapter XIII - The Hell

Chapter XIV - The Station-House

Chapter XV - The Police-Office

Chapter XVI - The Beginning of Misfortunes

Chapter XVII - A Den of Horrors

Chapter XVIII - The Boozing-Ken

Chapter XIX - Morning

Chapter XX - The Villa

Chapter XXI - Atrocity

Chapter XXII - A Woman's Mind

Chapter XXIII - The Old House in Smithfield Again

Chapter XXIV - Circumstantial Evidence

Chapter XXV - The Enchantress

Chapter XXVI - Newgate

Chapter XXVII - The Republican and the Resurrection Man

Chapter XXVIII - The Dungeon

Chapter XXIX - The Black Chamber

Chapter XXX - The 26th of November

Chapter XXXI - Explanations

Chapter XXXII - The Old Bailey

Chapter XXXIII - Another Day at the Old Bailey

Chapter XXXIV - The Lesson Interrupted

Chapter XXXV - Whitecross-street Prison

Chapter XXXVI - The Execution

Chapter XXXVII - The Lapse of Two Years

Chapter XXXVIII - The Visit

Chapter XXXIX - The Dream

Chapter XL - The Speculation. - An Unwelcome Meeting

Chapter XLI - Mr. Greenwood

Chapter XLII - The Dark House

Chapter XLIII - The Mummy

Chapter XLIV - The Body-Snatchers

Chapter XLV - The Fruitless Search

Chapter XLVI - Richard and Isabella

Chapter XLVII - Eliza Sydney

Chapter XLVIII - Mr. Greenwood's Visitors

Chapter XLIX - The Document

Chapter L - The Drugged Wine-Glass

Chapter LI - Diana and Eliza

Chapter LII - The Bed of Sickness

Chapter LIII - Accusations and Explanations

Chapter LIV - The Banker

Chapter LV - Miserimma!!!

Chapter LVI - The Road to Ruin

Chapter LVII - The Last Resource

Chapter LVIII - New Year's Day

Chapter LIX - The Royal Lovers

Chapter LX - Revelations

Chapter LXI - The "Boozing Ken" Once More

Chapter LXII - The Resurrection Man's History

Chapter LXIII - The Plot

Chapter LXIV - The Counterplot

Chapter LXV - The Wrongs and Crimes of the Poor

Chapter LXVI - The Result of Markham's Enterprise

Chapter LXVII - Scenes in Fashionable Life

Chapter LXVIII - The Election

Chapter LXIX - The "Whippers-In."

Chapter LXX - The Image, The Picture, and The Statue

Chapter LXXI  - The House of Commons

Chapter LXXII - The Black Chamber Again

Chapter LXXIII - Captain Dapper and Sir Cherry Bounce

Chapter LXXIV - The Meeting

Chapter LXXV - The Crisis

Chapter LXXVI - Count Alteroni's Fifteen Thousand Pounds

Chapter LXXVII - A Woman's Secret

Chapter LXXVIII - Marian

Chapter LXXIX - The Bill. - A Father.

Chapter LXXX - The Revelation

Chapter LXXXI - The Mysterious Instructions

Chapter LXXXII - The Medical Man

Chapter LXXXIII - The Black Chamber Again

Chapter LXXXIV - The Second Examination - Count Alteroni.

Chapter LXXXV - A Friend in Need

Chapter LXXXVI - The Old Hag

Chapter LXXXVII - The Professor of Mesmerism

Chapter LXXXVIII - The Figurante
Chapter LXXXIX - The Mysterious Letter
Chapter XC - Markham's Occupations

Chapter XCI - The Tragedy
Chapter XCII - The Italian Valet

Chapter XCIII - News from Castelcicala

Chapter XCIV - The Home Office

Chapter XCV - The Forger and the Adulteress

Chapter XCVI - The Member of Parliament's Levee

Chapter XCVII - Another New Year's Day

Chapter XCVIII - Dark Plots and Schemes

Chapter XCIX - The Buffer's History

Chapter C - The Mysteries of the Ground-Floor Rooms

Chapter CI - The Widow

Chapter CII - The Reverend Visitor

Chapter CIII - Hopes and Fears

Chapter CIV - Female Courage

Chapter CV - The Combat

Chapter CVI - The Grave-Digger

Chapter CVII - A Discovery

Chapter CVIII - The Exhumation

Chapter CIX - The Stock-Broker

Chapter CX - The Effects of a Trance

Chapter CXI - A Scene at Mr. Chichester's House

Chapter CXII - Viola

Chapter CXIII - The Lovers

Chapter CXIV - The Contents of the Packet

Chapter CXV - The Treasure. - A New Idea

Chapter CXVI - The Rattlesnake's History

Chapter CXVII - The Rattlesnake

Chapter CXVIII - The Two Maidens

Chapter CXIX - Poor Ellen!

Chapter CXX - The Father and Daughter

Chapter CXXI - His Child!

Chapter CXXII - A Change of Fortune

Chapter CXXIII - Aristocratic Morals

Chapter CXXIV - The Intrigues of a Demirep

Chapter CXXV - The Reconciliation

Chapter CXXVI - The Rector of Saint David's

Chapter CXXVII - Blandishments

Chapter CXXVIII - Temptation

Chapter CXXIX - The Fall

Chapter CXXX - Mental Struggles

Chapter CXXXI - The Statue

Chapter CXXXII - An Old Friend

Chapter CXXXIII - Skilligalee's History

Chapter CXXXIV - The Palace in the Holy Land

Chapter CXXXV - The Proposal. - Unexpected Meetings

Chapter CXXXVI - The Secret Tribunal

Epilogue to Volume I.


Chapter CXXXVII - Rat's Castle
Chapter CXXXVIII - A Public Functionary

Chapter CXXXIX - The Confidence

Chapter CXL - Incidents in the Gipsy Palace

Chapter CXLI - The Subterranean

Chapter CXLII - Gibbet

Chapter CXLIII - Morbid Feelings. - Katherine

Chapter CXLIV - The Unfinished Letter

Chapter CXLV - Hypocrisy

Chapter CXLVI - The Bath. - The Housekeeper

Chapter CXLVII - The Rector's New Passion

Chapter CXLVIII - The Old Hag's Intrigue

Chapter CXLIX - The Masquerade

Chapter CL - Mrs. Kenrick

Chapter CLI - A Mysterious Deed

Chapter CLII - The Death Bed

Chapter CLIII - Proceedings in Castelcicala

Chapter CLIV - Reflections. - The New Prison

Chapter CLV - Patriotism

Chapter CLVI - The Decision

Chapter CLVII - The Trial of Katherine Wilmot

Chapter CLVIII - A Happy Party

Chapter CLIX - The Interview

Chapter CLX - The Rector in Newgate

Chapter CLXI - Lady Cecilia Harborough

Chapter CLXII - The Bequest

Chapter CLXIII - The Zingarees

Chapter CLXIV - The Executioner's History

Chapter CLXV - The Trace

Chapter CLXVI - The Thames Pirates

Chapter CLXVII - An Arrival at the Wharf

Chapter CLXVIII - The Plague Ship

Chapter CLXIX - The Pursuit

Chapter CLXX - The Black Veil

Chapter CLXXI - Mr. Greenwood's Dinner Party

Chapter CLXXII - The Mysteries of Holmesford House

Chapter CLXXIII - The Adieux

Chapter CLXXIV - Castelcicala

Chapter CLXXV - Montoni

Chapter CLXXVI - The Club-House

Chapter CLXXVII - The History of an Unfortunate Woman

Chapter CLXXVIII - The Tavern at Friuli

Chapter CLXXIX - The Journey

Chapter CLXXX - The "Boozing-Ken" Once More

Chapter CLXXXI - The Resurrection Man Again

Chapter CLXXXII - Mr. Greenwood's Journey

Chapter CLXXXIII - Kind Friends

Chapter CLXXXIV - Estella

Chapter CLXXXV - Another New Year's Day

Chapter CLXXXVI - The New Cut

Chapter CLXXXVII - The Forged Bills

Chapter CLXXXVIII - The Battles of Piacere and Abrantani

Chapter CLXXXIX - The Battle of Montoni

Chapter CXC - Two of our Old Acquaintances

Chapter CXCI - Crankey Jem's History
Chapter CXCII - The Mint. - The Forty Thieves
Chapter CXCIII - Another Visit to Buckingham Palace

Chapter CXCIV - The Royal Breakfast

Chapter CXCV - The Aristocratic Villain and the Low Miscreant

Chapter CXCVI - The Old Hag and the Resurrection Man

Chapter CXCVII - Ellen and Katherine

Chapter CXCVIII - A Gloomy Visitor

Chapter CXCIX - The Orphan's Filial Love

Chapter CC - A Maiden's Love

Chapter CCI - The Handsome Stranger. - Disappointment

Chapter CCII - The Princess Isabella 

Chapter CCIII - Ravensworth Hall

Chapter CCIV - The Bride and Bridegroom

Chapter CCV - The Breakfast

Chapter CCVI - The Patrician Lady and the Unfortunate Woman

Chapter CCVII - The Husband, The Wife, and the Unfortunate Woman

Chapter CCVIII - The Resurrection Man's House in Globe Town

Chapter CCIX - Alderman Sniff. - Tomlinson and Greenwood

Chapter CCX - Holford's Studies

Chapter CCXI - The Deed

Chapter CCXII - The Examination at the Home Office

Chapter CCXIII - The Tortures of Lady Ravensworth

Chapter CCXIV - The Duellists

Chapter CCXV - The Voices in the Ruins

Chapter CCXVI - The Progress of Lydia Hutchinson's Vengeance

Chapter CCXVII - The Prisoner in the Subterranean

Chapter CCXVIII - The Veiled Visitor

Chapter CCXIX - The Murder

Chapter CCXX - The Effect of the Oriental Tobacco. - The Old Hag's Papers

Chapter CCXXI - The Return to England

Chapter CCXXII - The Arrival at Home

Chapter CCXXIII - The Marriage

Chapter CCXXIV - Mr. Banks's House in Globe Lane

Chapter CCXXV - The Old Hag's History

Chapter CCXXVI - The Marquis of Holmesford

Chapter CCXXVII - Coldbath Fields' Prison

Chapter CCXXVIII - A Desperate Achievement

Chapter CCXXIX - The Widow

Chapter CCXXX - Bethlem Hospital

Chapter CCXXXI - Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Vernon

Chapter CCXXXII - Scenes at Ravensworth Hall

Chapter CCXXXIII - A Welcome Friend

Chapter CCXXXIV - A Midnight Scene of Mystery

Chapter CCXXXV - Plots and Counter-Plots

Chapter CCXXXVI - Woman as she Ought to be

Chapter CCXXXVII - The Jugglers

Chapter CCXXXVIII - The Performance

Chapter CCXXXIX - The Resurrection Man's Return Home

Chapter CCXL - A New Epoch

Chapter CCXLI - Crockford's

Chapter CCXLII - The Aunt

Chapter CCXLIII - The Fight. - The Ruined Gamester

Chapter CCXLIV - The History of a Gamester

Chapter CCXLV - The Excursion

Chapter CCXLVI - The Party at Ravensworth Hall

Chapter CCXLVII - The Stranger Who Discovered The Corpse

Chapter CCXLVIII - An Unpleasant Exposure

Chaper CCXLIX - The Resurrection Man's Last Feat at Ravensworth Hall

Chapter CCL - Egerton's Last Dinner Party

Chapter CCLI - The Obstinate Patient

Chapter CCLII - Death of the Marquis of Holmesford

Chapter CCLIII - The Ex-Member for Rottenborough

Chapter CCLIV - Further Misfortunes

Chapter CCLV - Gibbet at Markham Place

Chapter CCLVI - Eliza Sydney and Ellen. - The Hospital

Chapter CCLVII - The Revenge

Chapter CCLVIII - The Appointment Kept

Chapter CCLIX - Conclusion