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The Earls Court Exhibition (no date)

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    The days of Vauxhall and Rosherville Gardens were dead and gone before my time, but the exhibitions at Earl's Court were immensely successful and bore a great share in the social life of vanishing London. 'The Fisheries', the 'Healtheries', the 'Colinderies'; I have often wondered why they were given up, with their pretty gardens, their outdoor cafés and bands; they were a solace and a joy to jaded London workers. The labyrinth of flats which occupy the site on which those exhibitions were held are so much less attractive.
    The Earl's Court exhibitions were very successful for a time. In the neighbourhood of Kensington, with its teeming population, they must have been a great boon. For the large sum of half-a-guinea you could go in every evening for three months; if it was fine you could sit outside and listen to the band, and if wet, the buildings were large enough to accommodate you and the band as well. And now a wilderness of flats has taken the place of the pretty Earl's Court Gardens.

Baroness Orczy, Links in the Chain of Life (autobiography), 1947