City of London Police
    duties and organisation
  Metropolitan Police
    black maria, for transporting prisoners
          (from the Graphic, 27 August 1887)
    duties and organisation (1) (2)
    'dynamite men' 
    joining/recruitment (1) (2)
    list of divisions and police stations
    location of police constables
    memories of police in 1850s 
    Metropolitan Police Office
    New Scotland Yard (1) (2)
    pay (1) (2)
    "police-duty" catechism and pro forma reports
    'The Police of London' (article)  
    Scotland Yard 
    Thames Marine Police 
    wanted posters  
  'Nuisances' (Dickens's Dictionary)
  Perception of Police, Appearance and Character
    cosy relationship with 
            servants, whilst on beat  

    detectives (Punch)
    effect of police,
           'A police sergeant appears ...'

    negative comment
    policeman's beat
    policeman's character
    policeman's uniform and arms
    recollections of a policeman
    special constables 
  Police Courts
    Bow Street Police Court
    list of courts
    Police Courts
  Police Stations
    Hyde Park
    inside a police station