Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - Curiosities of London Life, or Phases, Physiological and Social of the Great Metropolis, by Charles Manby Smith, 1853


Music Grinders of the Metropolis
Struggles for life
London Crossing Sweeps
Sam Sundries and his Congeners
The Umbrella Pedler
The Blind Fiddler
The Newsboy's Day
The Waterman
An Extinguisher
Bob the Market Groom
The Billsticker
The Bereaved Trombone
The City Toll-man
An Honest Penny
Curiosities of Roguery
The Tide-Waitress
Buttercups in London
The Street Stationer
What has become of the Pieman?
Blighted Flowers
The Deplorable Dodge
Half a Pennyworth of Navigation
A Pennyworth of Locomotion
The Obstinate Shop
The Complaint of a Strange Character
London Sunday Trading
The Grand Army
The "Rig" Sale
Puff and Push
Bubble Companies
Wild Sports of the East
Unfashionable Clubs
Christmas (1851) in the Metropolis
Our Terrace
The Charitable Chums' Benefit Club
How London Grows
A City Inquest for the Poor
A Frost Piece - St. James's Park
A Deserted Village in London