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see also my note "HOW MUCH DID THINGS COST?"

see also Guide to the Unprotected in Matters Relating to Property and Income, for a wide-ranging explanation of personal finance management for women


Bank of England

Birkbeck Bank (High Holborn, built 1895-6)

list of banks

security guards/watchmen

Building Societies

Abbey Road Building Society

a list of societies

National Building Society

Clearing Houses

Bankers Clearing House


see also The Jerusalem Coffee House

The Hop Exchange

The Royal Exchange

The Stock Exchange

The Universal Hall of Commerce


Benefit and Friendly Societies

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance (Dickens Dictionary)

Sun Fire Office (ILN, 1842)

Life Insurance

Life Assurance (Cassells)

a list of companies (Dickens's Dictionary)

Trafalgar Life Assurance Association

Maritime - Lloyd's

Lloyd's - "A1"

Lloyd's and Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's, history

Lloyd's, rooms in