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baby clothes

a 'Baby Court' at the Crystal Palace

a Baby Show

breast-feeding and milk  (1) (2)

care of infants (Mrs. Beeton)

childhood diseases (1) (2)


'elastic baby-jumper'


food in infancy

Mother and baby advice

the Nursery

opium as pacifier



sleep, advice

sore nipples




boy thieves (1) (2) (3) (4)

children arriving at school

children being cheeky

children going to work

children in dangerous jobs

children in hospital

children in prison

children looking after other children

children selling goods on the street

clothing advice

clothing (art. 'The Small Things of London' Once a Week, 1860)


'Diseases incidental to children'

food in early childhood

food in youth

'Harry and Tommy'

'Hidden Lives' (photographs et al.)

'Household Law'

'A Little Mother'

'Love and Fear'

the Nursery

'Nursery and Schoolroom'


'Parent and Child'

poor children

poor children, free dinners for

recommended food for children

sleep, advice

'street arabs' and 'ragamuffins'


Children's Homes, Orphanages & Creches

see also Fry's List of Charities

Alexandra Orphanage

Asylum for Female Orphans

Chichester Training Ship (1) (2)


creches (1) (2) (3) (4)

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Dr. Stephenson's Children's Home

Field Lane Refuge

Freemasons School and Asylum for Female Orphans

Infant Home

Infant Orphan Asylum

list of some orphanages

London Orphan Asylum

Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum

Newport Market Refuge (1) (2)

Orphan Working School

Philanthropic Society

Ragged Schools

Refuge for Homeless & Destitute Children

Royal Caledonian Asylum

Royal Military Asylum

Sailors' Orphan Girls' School and Home

St. Andrew's Home & Club for Working Boys

Soldiers' Daughters' Home

Stockwell Orphanage

Waifs and Strays' Society (now Children's Society)

Woodhouse, Wanstead

Worcester Training Ship


corporal punishment (see also Children - Discipline, above)

education of working men's children

infant schools for the poor

school dress


Toys, Parties and Play


buying toys (1) (2)

a children's ball at the Mansion House

children's parties (1) (2)


'How to Amuse the Babies'

penny-toy man

penny toys

playing in the street and street games

toys and games in 1850s and 1860s

toy-makers (1) (2)   (3) (4)

toy shops

toys on Sundays

value of play-time