Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879
    Herbert Fry's Guide to the London 
            Charities, 1917 

    a list of directories
  Etiquette, Guides and Manuals
    appropriate hours for visiting and dining
    The Barkham Burroughs Encyclopaedia [1889]
    'Common Sense for Housemaids'
    'The Cook's Guide and Housekeeper's and
            Butler's Assistant' [1861]

    decor, advice on 
    'Dinners and Diners'[pub. 1899]
    'Enquire Upon Everything' [1894]
    etiquette from Cassells Household Guide
    Guide to the Unprotected in Matters 
            Relating to Property and Income [1874]

    The Household Cyclopedia [1881]
    The Housemaid, Her Duties, and
            How to Perform Them [c.1870]
    'The Lady's Dressing Room'
    'The Ladies' and Gentleman's 
            Model Letter Writer'

    'London at Dinner', or, 'Where to Dine' [1858] 
    morning calls and visits 
    Mrs. Beeton's Book of
                Household Management [1861]
    'Our Deportment' [1881]
    "Police Duty" Catechism and Reports 
    'The Scholars Handbook 
         of Household Management
    The Queen's London, 1896
    Views of the Pleasure 
            Gardens of London, 1896;
    Cruikshank's Comic Almanack (cartoons)      
London Characters and the Humourous  Side
            of Life; Henry Mayhew &W.S. Gilbert c.1871

  Improving books
  Journals, Magazines and Newspapers
    '1 A.M at the Morning Mammoth'
    the cheap press
    'the daily press'
    The Daily Telegraph
    influence on the working man of popular press
    journalists see
Professions & Trades - Journalists
    a list of newspapers (Dickens's Dictionary)
    London Gazette
    'Newspaper people' 
    sold uncut
    supplements, size of
    newspapers in London
    The Times
    'the weekly press'
  Lectures and other pamphlets
    Degeneration Amongst Londoners; 1885;
            James Cantlie

    The Early Years of Queen Victoria's Reign;
            1896; Henry Holland Burne 
    Wilkie Collins and his works     
    Charles Dickens
        Charles Dickens and his works
        Dickens' Novels (etexts) 
    Mord Em'ly by William Pett Ridge (etext)
    London Poems; 1866; Robert Buchanan    
Song of the Shirt; 1843; Thomas Hood
  Popular Fiction 
        (eg.street ballads,penny dreadfuls)
    dangers of serials (1) (2)
      'The Mysteries of London' (etext)
    Penny Dreadfuls and Gallows Literature
    'The Press of Seven Dials'
    'The String of Pearls' (Sweeney Todd etext)
    street ballads
    'Varney, The Vampyre' (etext)
  Popularity of Printed Material
    a view from 1837
  Social Investigation/Journalism
    The Great Metropolis; 1837; James Grant
    Sketches in London; 1838; James Grant
    Sanitary Ramblings; 1848; Hector Gavin
    Sinks of London Laid Open; 1848
    Sketches of London Life and Character
            (aka Gavarni in London); 1849;     
            Albert Smith et al.

    London Labour and the London Poor; 1851;
           Henry Mayhew

    London by Day and Night; 1852; 
            David W.Bartlett

    The Rookeries of London; 1852; 
            Thomas Beames

    Curiosities of London Life; 1853;
           Charles Manby Smith

    The Million-Peopled City; 1853; 
            Rev. J. Garwood

    London Shadows; 1854; George Godwin 
    The Little World of London; 1857;
            Charles Manby Smith 

    The Night Side of London; 1858;  
            J. Ewing Ritchie 

    Twice Round the Clock; 1859; George Sala
    Gaslight and Daylight; 1859; George Sala
    About London; 1860; J. Ewing Ritchie
    Ragged London in 1861; John Hollingshead
    The Business of Pleasure, 1865 [1879 ed.];
            Edmund Yates

    Our Social Bees; 1865; Andrew Wynter,
    Lights and Shadows of London Life, 1867;
            [James Payn]

    Some Habits and Customs of the 
            Working Classes; 1867; Thomas Wright

    Unsentimental Journeys;
            or Byways of the Modern Babylon; 1867;
           James Greenwood

    The Seven Curses of London; 1869;
            James Greenwood

    The Terrible Sights of London; 1870; 
            Thomas Archer

    Episodes in an Obscure Life; 1871; 
            Richard Rowe 

    London : A Pilgrimage; 1872;
            Gustave Dore & Blanchard Jerrold

    The Wilds of London; 1874; James Greenwood
    In Strange Company; 1874; James Greenwood 
    Mystic London; 1875; Charles Maurice Davies 
    Street Life in London; 1877;
            J.Thomson and Adolphe Smith

    Days and Nights in London; 1880; 
            J. Ewing Ritchie

    Low-Life Deeps, 1881; James Greenwood 
    Life in the London Streets; 1881; Richard Rowe
    The Great Army of London Poor; 1882;
            Thomas Wright 
[Wright's pseudonym 'The River-side Visitor']

    Bitter Cry of Outcast London; 1883;
            W.C.Preston / A.Mearns

    How the Poor Live; 1883; George R. Sims 
    Homes of the London Poor; 1883 (2nd ed)
           Octavia Hill

    Mysteries of Modern London; 1883; 
           James Greenwood
[Greenwood's pseudonym 'One of the Crowd']

    Odd People in Odd Places; 1883; 
           James Greenwood

    Toilers in London; 1883; James Greenwood
[Greenwood's pseudonym 'One of the Crowd']

    In the Slums; 1884; D. Rice-Jones 
    London at Midnight; 1885; Henry Vigar-Harris 
    The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon;
            1885; W T Stead

    Dottings of a Dosser; 1886; Howard Goldsmid
    Horrible London; 1889; George R. Sims 
    Tempted London; [c.1889]; Anon.
    Toilers in London; or Inquiries concerning 
            Female Labour in the Metropolis; 1889; Anon

    The Pinch of Poverty; 1892; Thomas Wright 
[Wright's pseudonym 'The River-side Visitor']

    The Horse World of London; 1893; 

    Round London : Down East and Up West; 
            1894; Montagu Williams Q.C.
    London Up to Date; 1895; George Sala
    Life in West London; 1897; Arthur Sherwell
    A Looker-on in London; 1899; Mary H. Krout
    The Hooligan Nights; 1899; Clarence Rook 
    London and Londoners in the 1850s and 60s;
            1924; Alfred Rosling Bennett