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Houses & Housing

see also Architecture - stucco

see also Health and Hygiene - Air & Ventilation

see also Health and Hygiene - Sewers & Sanitation

Building Societies

see Finance - Building Societies


coal economy advice (1) (2)

fires and grates, how to handle them

fuel economy advice

warming pans


see also Charities

see also Housing of the Poor - Workhouses, below

homeless artisans

sleeping rough


Agricultural Hotel


about Grand Hotels

Berkeley (Piccadilly)

Hotel Cecil

Challis's (Rupert Street)

character of, 1850s

Charing Cross Hotel (1) (2)

City Terminus Hotel

Claridge's (Brook Street)

Euston Hotel

expense of London hotels

Gerald's Hall Hotel

The Grand Hotel (Northumberland Avenue)

Great Northern Hotel

Great Western Hotel

Grosvenor Hotel

Hans Crescent Hotel

Hotel Continental (Regent Street)

Hotel de Paris (Leicester Place)

The Hummums

Inns of Court Hotel

list of hotels

Lane's Hotel

Langham Hotel

London Bridge Hotel

Long's Hotel

Metropole (1) (2)

Midland Grand Hotel, St. Pancras

Palace Hotel

Savoy Hotel

Thames Bank Depositary ("The Mechanics' Home for 1851")

Victoria (1) (2)

Westminster Palace Hotel

Housing Associations

see Housing of the Poor below under individual company names, and entry Model Housing

Housing of the Middle Classes and above

see also Publications - Etiquette

advice to householders

advice to lodgers (Cassells)

concept of 'home'


drainage (Cassells)

drawing room, use for music

'The English Home'

exterior of London houses

finding a house / house-hunting


gas in the home (Cassells)

genteel households

household pests

housing problems (humour)

'income and management'

interior design, decoration, furnishing

aesthetic designs

aquariums (1) (2)

back parlour


bedroom furniture

blinds (1) (2)


decor, advice on

description of typical interior (various)

drawing rooms



'general furniture of the house'

'general remarks'

legal matters (Mrs. Beeton)

lodgings and boarding-houses

a middle class home, at breakfast

The Mistress of the House

moving house

the Nursery

slops, cleaning out in houses

upper-class home, plan for (Belgravia)

Housing of the Poor

see also Charities

Alleyn's Alms Houses

almshouses, list of

Artizans, Labourers and General Dwellings Company

Bancroft's Alms Houses

Dacre's Alms Houses

family budget

furnishing and decoration

ideal home, poor's view of



Metropolitan Association for Improving the Dwellings of the Industrious Classes

model housing

model lodgings (incl. Rowton Houses)

night refuges (1) (2) (3)

overcrowding (1) (2)

Peabody Fund

The Scholar's Handbook of Household Management


Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes



'The March of Bricks and Mortar'

'How London Grows'

suburban gardens (1) (2)