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  Charities (excluding childrens')
    Association for Organising Charitable Relief 
          and Repressing Mendicity

    Association for Promoting 
            the General Welfare of the Blind

    'Asylum for the Houseless Poor'
    Asylum for Destitute Sailors 
    Battersea Dogs Home 
    Baylis's cook-shop
    Benevolent Institution for the Relief of 
            Aged and Infirm Journeymen Tailors

    British and Foreign Sailors' Society
    British and Foreign School Society
    Cabmen's Shelters Fund
    Central Servants' Home and Registry 
    Charity for the Houseless Poor
    Church of England 
            Young Men's Society (1)
    classification of charities (Mayhew) 
    'The City Inquest for the Poor'
    Costers' Mission, Golden Lane (1) (2) 
    Cow-cross Mission 
    Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society
    Factory Girls Mission 
    Female Preventive and Reformatory Institution
    Female Refuge for the Destitute
    Field Lane Refuge
    Green's Home 
    Guardian Society Asylum
    Home for Convalescents
    Home for Friendless Young Women
           of Good Character

    Home for Lost and Starving Dogs 
    Homes for Working Girls in London
    'House of Charity', Greek St.
    Houses of Refuge for the Destitute Poor
    Institution for the Houseless Poor
            (aka Refuge for the Destitute 
             and Houseless Poor, Whitecross Street)

    King Street Mission Hall 
    list of Charities
    list of Friendly and Benevolent Societies
    list of Philanthropic Societies
    Labour House for Destitute Youths 
    Ladies Sanitary Association
    Licensed Victuallers' Asylum
            [ILN Picture Library]

    'London Charities' 
    London City Mission 
    London Cottage Mission
    London Female Penitentiary (1) (2)
    London Society for Teaching the 
            Blind to Read

    Mariners' Friend Society 
    Medland Hall
    Mendicity Society
    Metropolitan Association for Improving 
            the Dwellings of the Industrious Classes

    Metropolitan Drinking Fountain
             and Cattle Trough Association

    Missions to Seamen 
    Montagu Williams' 'Clothing Depot'
    Newport Market Refuge (1) (2)
    Order of St. John of Jerusalem
    Parochial Mission Women's Association
    problems with charity 
    pro forma letters requesting charity
    raffles (amongst costermongers) 
    Raine's Charities 
    Refuge for the Houseless Poor
            see Institution for the Houseless ... above
    Royal Humane Society
    Royal Literary Fund
    Royal Maternity Charity 
    Royal National Life-Boat Institution 
    Sailors Church (from ILN, 1843) 
    Sailors' Home
    St. Katherine's Hospital
    Salvation Army
    Scottish Hospital
    Seamen's Christian Friendly Society 
    'Sick Kitchen'
    Society for Improving the Condition of the 
            Labouring Classes

    Society for the Preservation of Life from Fire 
    Society for the Promotion of 
            Christian Knowledge 

    Society for the Relief of Distress
     Society for the Rescue of Young Women 
            and Children 

     Society for the Suppression 
            of Mendicity (1)
    Society for the Suppression of Vice
    soup kitchens (1) (2) 
    South London Night Refuge
    Stranger's Home, Limehouse 
            [1 - ILN Picture Library]
         [2 - ILN Picture Library]
         [3 - ILN Picture Library]
    supper for thieves, Deptford 
    Surgical Aid Society
    The St. Marylebone Female Protection Society
    Thames Church Mission 
    Theatrical Funds
    YMCA (Young Men's Christian Assoc) (1) (2)
    YWCA (Young Women's Christian Assoc.)
  Charity Events and Activities
    a 'Charity Bazaar'
    a 'Charity Dinner' (1) (2)
    Charity Organisation Society (1) (2)
    'Charitable Gambling'
    pro forma letters requesting charity
    raffles (amongst costermongers)
    tickets to the poor
  Childrens' Charities
    Adult Orphan Institution
    Alexandra Orphanage
    Arethusa Training Ship 
    Asylum for Female Orphans
    Benevolent Society of St. Patrick
    Chichester Training Ship (1) (2)
    Cornwall Training Ship 
    Deaf and Dumb Asylum
    Destitute Children's Dinner Society
    Dr. Stephenson's Children's Home
    Exmouth Training Ship    
    Female Orphan Asylum
    Field Lane Refuge
    free dinners 
    Freemasons School and Asylum for 
            Female Orphans

    Girls' Refuge 
    Infant Home
    Infant Orphan Asylum
    list of some orphanages
    London Orphan Asylum
    Marine Society
    Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum
    National Society
    Newport Market Refuge (1) (2)
    Orphan Working School
    Philanthropic Society
    Princess of Wales' Jubilee Fund 
    Ragged Schools

    Refuge for Homeless and Destitute Children 
    Rescue of Young Children Reformatory
            and Refuge Union

    Royal Caledonian Asylum
    Royal Literary Fund
    Royal Military Asylum
    St. Andrew's Home and Club for Working Boys
    St. George's and St. Giles's Refuge
    Society for the Prevention 
            of Juvenile Prostitution

    Soldiers' Daughters' Home
    Spurgeon's Orphanage, 
            see Stockwell Orphanage below 

    Stockwell Orphanage [1]
            [2 - ILN Picture Library]
    training ships 
    Waifs and Strays' Society 
            (now Children's Society) 

    Woodhouse, Wanstead
    Worcester Training Ship