Education for the Poor (incl. charitable schools)
     see also  Childhood -  Children's Homes
     and Childhood - Schools
    assaults on teachers
    Blind School 
School for the (Indigent) Blind

    Board Schools
    children's day school of 
            South Western Polytechnic

    'The Conscience Clause' (Punch parodies) 
    Cornhill and Lime-street Charity School 
    curriculum at orphanages (1) (2) (3) (4)
    Field Lane Ragged School
Ragged Schools   
    London School Board
            [ILN Picture Library]

    National Society 
    night schools
    The People's Palace
    Ragged Schools
    Raine's Charities 
    reading amongst the poor
    Reformatory schools
    Royal Freemasons' Schools 
    School Board Visitors
    School for the (Indigent) Blind
    Toynbee Hall
    Welsh Charity School
    working girls clubs
    'The Working Man's Education'
    Working Men's Clubs
    Working Women's Clubs 
  Educational Societies
    educational societies, list of
  Libraries and Reading Rooms
    see also Institutions in folder below
    Augener & Co.'s Universal Circulating 
            Music Library

    British Museum 
    circulating libraries
    East Ham library
    free access to libraries
    Lewis's Medical and Scientific Library
    list of reading rooms
    The London Library
    Mitchell's Royal Library
    Passmore Edwards Public Library, 
            Borough Road (1899)

    Putney Library 
    Rolandi's Foreign Subscription Library
    Sion College
    Dr. Williams's Library
    for Museums, see
        Buildings, Monuments and Museums &
        Entertainment - Museums
    creches (1) (2) (3) (4)   
    a kindergarden
  Professional/Technical Colleges / Institutions
    see also Organisations - Scientific Societies
    Archaeological Institute of 
            Great Britain and Ireland

    Art Training School (National)
    Birkbeck Institution (see Mechanics Institute)
    The British and Foreign Institute 
    The Central Institution (1885-93)
           Central Technical College (1893-1911)
    Church of England Metropolitan 
         Training Institution
    City and Guilds of London Institute for
           the Advancement of 
            Technical Education (1878)
    City of London College

    College of Preceptors
    Crosby Hall Institute (1) (2)
    General Council of Medical Education 
            and Registration

    Greenwich Literary Institution 
    Hall of Science (Old Street) 
    Imperial Institute
    Institution of Civil Engineers
    list of professional societies
    Law Society (Law Institution)
    London Institution
    Marylebone Institution
    Mechanics' Institute (1823)
    National Training School of Cookery
    National Training School for Music
    North London School of Drawing 
            and Modelling 

    Northampton Institute    
    The People's Palace
    Pimlico and Belgravia Institute
    Polytechnic Institution, Regent St
    Royal Academy of Arts
    Royal Academy of Music
    Royal College of Chemistry (1845)
    Royal College of Music
    Royal College of Physicians
    Royal College of Science
    Royal College of Surgeons
    Royal Colonial Institute 
    Royal Indian Engineering College
    Royal Institute of British Architects
    Royal Institution of Great Britain
    Royal Panopticon of Science and Art 
    Royal School of Mines (1851)
    Russell Institution
    St. Bride's Institute 
    School of Design
    Society of Telegraph Engineers
           and Electricians (1883-88) / Institution
           of Electrical Engineers (1888-)
    South London Technical Art School
    Southwark Institution
    South Western Polytechnic 
    Working Men's College, Gt. Ormond St.
     nb. for charities and charitable schools, 
            see also
Education for the Poor, above
            see also London School Board
'The Scholars Handbook of Household
            Management and Cookery
    Archbishop Tenison's School 
            [ILN Picture Library] 
    Bedford College for Ladies
    Bluecoat School, Tothill Fields
    Christ's Hospital
    City of London School
    Duke of York's School
    Dulwich College
    Green Coat Hospital, Tothill Fields
    Greycoat Hospital, Tothill Fields
    Guildhall School of Music
    Highgate School
    King's College School
    Mercers' School
    Merchant Taylors' School
    Naval Schools at Greenwich & New Cross
    North London Collegiate School
    Private Schools
    Royal Naval School - see Naval Schools
    St. Paul's School
    school-mistresses (elementary)
    teacher training
    Westminster School
  Universities and Colleges
    see also Professional/Technical Colleges above
    Church Missionary College
Gresham College
    King's College
    New College 
    Queen's College
    St. Barnabas College 
    St. Mark's Training College 
    University College
    University College School
    University of London
    Wesleyan Normal College